Patient Participation Group

Updated on 28th March 2014 at 3:37 pm


Station Medical Group has had an active PPG since November 2011.  The group comprises of approximately ten patient members and two rotational members from the medical and administrative staff of the practice who meet monthly.

The purpose of the PPG is to strengthen the relationship between staff and patients and their aim is to address and communicate issues, ideas and concerns raised to help improve and enhance a high quality service in general practice for the mutual benefit of all concerned.

The PPG have a suggestions box located on the main reception desk and would welcome any comments from any member of the practice.

The PPG is not part of the complaints procedure therefore we request any complaints are put through the usual practice complaints procedure.

For the purpose of patient confidentiality we suggest that you do not put personal/clinical details on any suggestions or comments placed in the box.

If you would like one of the members of the PPG to contact you please ask at reception.

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